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This software now comes with Android Support. If you like, you can download the Shift Calculator Logger from our web site or from Google Play and you can use your phone as shift calulator and send the data to your Taxi Accountant Software.

You have come to this page, so that we can explain which software you need and the download procedures on your Computer and because you can start downloading now.


One type for drivers and one type for owners/fleet managers.
The driver version is named Taxi Accountant and is much cheaper to purchase than the owner version of our software.
The owner and fleetmanager version is named Taxi Fleet Manager and will even calculate the GST and taxes for individual owners. This is a very powerful taxi fleet manager tool.


If you drive taxi cabs, that are not your own, you need the Taxi Accountant.
If you own or manage at least one taxi, you need the Taxi Fleet Manager. If you also drive your own cabs, you do not need any additional software. To download and install the Taxi Fleet Manager click here.
If you own or manage at least one taxi, and you also drive taxi cabs that you do not own, you need both, the Taxi Fleet Manager and the Taxi Accountant.

For a more detailed discription of this software click here.

Do you have the latest version of the Taxi Accountant? Updates are free. click here to find out.


Click on the Image above to download the Taxi Accountant Software for drivers, for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. You can also click on the link below to your right. It is the same link. 

Having Technical Problems?


For all Operating System such as:

  • Windows XP 
  • Windows Vista x86 (32 bits)
  • Windows Vista x64 (64 bits)
  • Windows 7  x86 (32 bits)
  • Windows 7 x64 (64 bits)

If you have a very old, rare and outdated operating system, such as for example Windows ME or 2000, please contact us.

If you have problems downloading, click here to download


Need more help on Windows Vista and 7? Click here.

Want to buy a license?
Come to the Vendor's web site:

You will receive information on pricing and more. Note: You do not need to come to the Vendor's web site to purchase a license, you can do it directly from your installed software.


When you click the Download Image button to your left, you will be prompted to download the Taxi Accountant software for drivers. You can chose to save it or run it. If you chose to save it, you have the advantage that if you need another copy, you do not need to download it again. But remember that we do improvements on our software on a regular bases, so ensure that your saved copy is the latest. If you chose to save it, you can burn your own CD, and keep a copy of the software on your own CD. If you chose to save it, remember where you have saved it into, find the saved file and double click for installation. We recommend to save it first as it makes it easier for you to install it again.

After a while, you will see the installation procedure starting up. You will be prompted in the due course. We recommend to select to install this software not just for yourself, but for all users, when you are prompted in the due course.

On Windows Vista and Seven, when you have installed the software, always start it up running it as administrator!
Due to Windows Vista and Windows 7 Security Issues, there can be issues to be solved.
For Help on Security Settings on your computer, click here.


**********************************************************LATEST UPDATES********************************************************

Do you have the latest version of  the Taxi Accountant? We constantly improve our software and the latest version is always the best. How do you know if you have the latest version? The latest version is Sub Version 29.

If it says Subversion 29  then you have the latest version. If not please download this software. There is no charge for updating to a newer version. To update simply download the latest version and install just the same as if it was a new installation.

How to set up the Taxi Accountant:

If the owner does not get any share of the takings:

  • Open the cars tab, and set each car for 100% driver take.
  • In the Shift tab, you must enter the levy paid to the owner.
  • If the driver pays his own fuel, he/she must put the fuel cost into the shift table.

If for example the same car, let's say car 33, has owner share for day drivers, but no owner share for night drivers, you must add the car in the cars table twice and set the driver percentage accordingly. For instance:

  • Car 33-Day, the driver share = 50%;
  • Car 33-Night, the driver share = 100%;

In this way you have the same car twice in your cars table, for two different conditions.

Daily shift reports:

There is no requirements to do an entrance for every day. This is optional. The software only needs monthly takings to calculate GST and tax reports. However the user can do a daily shift report if he wishes, and then by the click of a button generate monthly reports from the daily reports. The monthly reports are mandatory for this software to work.


  • Drivers who share a percentage with the owners.
  • Drivers who share a percentage with the owners and pay a shift levy in addition.
  • Drivers who take 100% of their takings (no owner share), but pay the owner a fixed fee (shift levy).
  • Drivers can include their own fuel payment if they have to purchase their own fuel.

The Taxi Accountant for Cab Drivers


 A file based program (not database based), on which a taxi driver can input daily or monthly income and expenses. The software will calculate GST reporting, and end of the year tax summary report. It is ideal if one does not wish to use a tax agent or accountant for BAS reporting and is hence a much cheaper option. This software also facilitates printing out reports. It can also work in conjunction with Supremweb's Taxi Fleet Manager software, where an owner or fleet managing firm can send invoices to the driver's Taxi Accountant software, so the driver will not need to do too much typing. It can also work independently on its own. The software is designed for cab drivers who have limited time due to the long hour shifts and have limited typing and computer skills. Because the program is not database based, but file based (using XLM files) it is easy to install. This software is used by cab drivers who drive taxi other than their own. For the owner driver there is the Taxi Fleet Manager available from Supremweb. This software has a 30 days free trial period and this period will be renewed for another 30 days if there is a newer subversion. It normally costs 89 AUD but it is currently on promotion for only 19.90 AUD. The Taxi Accountant can be freely downloaded from the web site.